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Just in time for Valentine's Day....

A poetically illustrated dialogue between Her, The Next, and her Ex…Taken from the lyrics of Songwriter/Author/Recording Artist Chäs Bronxson's song, “The Things A Man’s Supposed To Do,” this eponymous storyline pushes you deeper into the musical drama. It's a conversational Ménage à trois that offers a rhythmic dialogue around what leads to the end & what invites new beginnings.

More than just a read, starting with the song that inspired it and a recommended playlist that underscores the mood; this graphic novel gives the conflict a 3-dimensional point of view. Drawing you in from another angle with illustrious wonder; Chris Clarke's illustrations make each return to the pages uniquely revealing, within discreet designs to be discovered tucked in, of, and around the text.Enter a visually gripping world of passion, jealousy, and anger found on the road to fresh love...


From the POV of a man who knows what a man is supposed to do to nurture and emotionally support his woman, to another man who has lost his understanding of how to love and manage his problematic behavior. Woven in between is her own perspective on navigating the pushing away from the past and still enjoy the upward pull of beautiful newfound love.

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