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THE BLOSSOMS (Aired  February 2020)
This is the story of a girl group best known for the background vocal work they provided on dozens of popular hit songs throughout the late 1950’s and 1960’s. Their background singing and studio session work was so high in demand they were never able to have a hit of their own, even when they did have a hit of their own.

FRANKIE LYMON & THE TEENAGERS (Aired March 15, 2020)

The Teenagers were the first successful boy band in America. Theirs is a story of copyright fraud, drugs and excess, and the manipulation of minors. After several stints in rehab for drug abuse, Lymon struggled to re-enter the music industry and recapture the notoriety he once had. One day before a recording session and a major promotional campaign were scheduled in conjunction with Lymon’s comeback, he was found dead from a heroin overdose. The Teenagers were extremely influential on the Rock & Roll & R&B performers who followed them. Lymon’s tenor voice and sound was the predecessor of the girl group sound, and the list of performers who name Lymon as an influence include Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, The Chantels, The Temptations, Billy Joel, and The Beach Boys. 

THE BOBBETTES (Aired March 30, 2020)
This is the story of five little girls from Harlem whose rise to fame was the result of their fantasies of murdering their math teacher, Mr. Lee. They were the first girl group ever to have a #1 R&B hit that also made the Pop Top 10 – done back in 1957.


24 CARAT BLACK (Aired April 13, 2020)
24 Carat Black was an American Soul & Funk band who only released one album in 1973 that gave many rap artists hits through 2019 via sampling. They were the brainchild of Berry Gordy’s nephew Dale Warren, who was best known for his orchestral work with Isaac Hayes. In this edition, we explore 24 Carat Black’s music and talk with member C. Niambi Steele and get an in-depth look at the inner workings of 24 Carat Black.

JESSE BELVIN (Aired January 10, 2020)

Recording artist Jesse Belvin, was to RCA Records what Nat King Cole was to Capitol Records. Belvin had just finished a concert performance on a bill with Sam Cooke, Jackie Wilson & Marv Johnson when he was killed in a car accident caused by white racists. Belvin received several death threats before the concert, which was the first one played before an integrated audience in the history of Little Rock, Arkansas. Jesse Belvin was an early influence on Stevie Wonder, and his death had a profound impact on Sam Cooke.


THE FIVE STAIRSTEPS (Aired January 21st 2020)
The Five Stairsteps were dubbed the ‘First Family of Soul’. They consisted of four brothers and one sister whose heights reminded their mother of stairsteps when standing next to each other. The group entered the music industry under the guidance of music impresario Curtis Mayfield, signing to his Windy City imprint in 1965. They had their first Top 20 hit in 1966 and sold over one million copies of their biggest hit ‘Ooh Child’ in the summer of 1970. The group reformed years later as The Invisible Man’s Band, and Kevin Burke became a sought-after writer and producer and had a cult classic hit of his own as a solo artist.

THE SYLVERS (Aired May 16, 2020)
In this edition of Art-Of-Facts, we dig up buried songs that came three years, and as many albums, before the pop-oriented sound the world became familiar with by sibling vocal sextet The Sylvers. We get into the deep soul of The Sylvers’ early years, explore what led to their break-up, and shine a light on the platinum lining that came out of The Sylvers’ legacy: their in-house songwriter and producer Leon Sylvers and all the classic music associated with him.


SONG TITLES: ‘STAY’ (Aired Auguat 10, 2020)
In this edition of Art-Of-Facts, we’ve dug up 90 minutes' worth of songs with the word ‘STAY’ in the title for your listening fulfillment. Just ‘stay’ still and reminisce to the many songs-some of which you’ll remember, and some of which you’ll hear for the first time-that are all in compliance with the theme ‘STAY’ woven throughout the lyrics and overall song

BLACK IVORY (August 17, 2020)
In this special edition of Art-Of-Facts, we explore the 50-year career of R&B group Black Ivory. We explore how they came together and highlight many of Black Ivory’s artifact songs. We also examine member Leroy Burgess’ rise as a sought-after songwriter and producer, and the many classics that were the result of his voice, talent, and penmanship. Plus, as a bonus, the episode caps off with the most comprehensive and in-depth interview with all three original members of this iconic and living legendary group. 

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